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Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional - BEST ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE
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      Samay Sutram 2.0
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The Secrets of Birth Time Decoded 

What, after all, is your CORRECT Time of Birth ?

  It is rare to find, even in a single horoscope that can be claimed to be based on one’s exact time of birth. This volume offers you to unravel this mystery that has plagued astrologers for centuries. 

Seems Unbelievable ? 

But Truth !



now presenting the new version 
SAMAY Sutram 2.0 with:
- more accurate results
- tools for your 



- study various events of life
- a research tool


JANAM KUNDLI facility for: Planet Position, Birthdetails, Moon and Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart, Nirayana Bhava Chalit, Sudarshan Chakra, Shodash Varga, Sarvashtak Varga, Vimshottari Antar Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha

A Revolutionary Research by Acharyasree Pawan Chandra 
We must remember that accuracy about the time of birth is absolutely vital for a close analysis of life and the description thereof.

This volume is a multi-dimensional source of astrological knowledge to accurately workout the precise time of birth. 

Evidently, study of the time of the birth has always been a sensitive issue. Nature embeds this factor in the thumb impression of the new born. As is well known, the thumb impression of no two persons worldwide is alike.

The salient features are as under:
  • You can use any of the important/ landmark events of your life to rectify your time of birth

  • The process of rectification of the time of birth can be carried to an accuracy of 1/1000/ of a second.

  • Provision of the study of the Horoscope and Vargatamak Kundli based on the rectified time of birth.

  • Vimshotri, Yogini, Gemini Dasha systems.

  • Provision for the study and the analysis of the rectified time of birth by K.P.Systems.

  • Provision for the study of the Horoscope, Dasha-Antardasha and Vargatama Kundli.

  • Compilation of important and educational topics relevant to time of birth.

  • Provision for the printing of various results.

  • Important events in your life (Date, Time and Year etc.)
  • Provisions to print the results obtained.

  • Includes:

    Lagna Chart

    Divisional Charts

    Sudarshan Chakra

    Vimshottari Dasha

    and other Astrological Charts and calculations



Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 compatible (32 & 64 bit)


Overview Details System Requirements Demo How to Buy ?
Product Reviews

Overall Rating:
Written by: Narayana Rengan

Good tool for birth time rectification

Overall Rating:
Written by: Ramadas Rao

This Samaya Sutram 2.0 software really helps Astrologers to rectify birth times before casting a horoscope.Also I suggest to add the informations and methods to rectify birth time using Tattwa and Antar-Tattwa method.

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