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Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional - BEST ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE
Vivaha Sutram 2 - Know Your Date of Marriage
Kundli 7- Professional

      Kundli Chakra 2 - Professional
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Overview Details System Requirements Demo How to BUY ?

 Kundli Chakra professional is a complete Astrology software for today. It includes, special utilities, tools, reports, customised printouts, create your own models and pages, eye catching colour and black & white print facility.. and much more.... Best for researchers, professional astrologers, students and horoscope explorer.

- This software for Horoscope study is Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Compatible astrology software

- User friendly, easy to use fully customised one of the best software on astrology. with special screen and print layouts, worksheets:


- Store Birthdata in Groups - Personal, Celebrity, Friends, Customers..etc

- North / South / Bangla Charts      


- Ayanamsa - N.C. Lahiri, B.V. Raman, K.P., Manu, Sayan, SPS ayanamsa, with customised settings for Ayanamsa offset and Speed values.

- Lattitude and Longitude Atlas, Time Zone, add / delete places, states...

- War Time Correction: database for war time correction for many places of the world to search and apply time correction

- RAHU /KETU settings

- Conversion Facility - Ghati - Pal - Vipal to Hours - Minutes - Seconds and vice-versa.

- Backup facility - save / backup the stored Birth Data and restore it whenever the program is re-installed.

So what makes Kundli Chakra so special from others ?

- Free Kundli moving chart allows to study various houses, like clicking on 7th house rotates the chart to 7th as lagna thus making it easier for house analyses and predictions. This facility was introduced by Horizon aarc and is found in its professional products.

- Special birth data entry at right side for quickly entering data and then reports on the left side on the same page, easy to use and operate (as shown in image below)

- Worksheet or main page is a specially designed page for professional astrologers as shown below, using which you can view all calculations and reports at one single page. To change any chart or report below, you just need to right click and select another chart. Example: at the same page you want to see bhav position instead of planet position, or transit chart, just right click and change it on the same page according to your need. The planet position will be removed from that page and bhav position will come at that place. So quick and simple to operate. No need to scroll to various pages for finding charts and hunting for dasha on some other page as all comes at one single place.

- It has buttons below birth data to quickly preview and print any page, or to print the complete model from the same single page i.e. Total control from one single page.

 - More.. you can also open more charts to study from Tools menu above and place it anywhere on the screen to study.


- Tools Feature - Study various charts, Dashas, Calculations easily, can be called on any single page(in use)  at any position on the screen for quick refrences & analysis.


Tools are a special feature invented and designed in Kundli Chakra software specially for astrologers and to study charts at any place in the program. Lets say, you want to see lagna chart or dasha while seeing printing page for predictions, you can just open it there at same place from tools. As shown below, there are many charts, shadbala, planet position opened from tools at the printing report for study:-



No boundation of any locks or cd keys: There are many softwares which requires you to purchase special key locks or Hasp key, Master CD, Key CD, Usb locks and many such things, which makes you to either insert the CD everytime you want to run the program or install some special hardware for it which many times fails. This sometimes is just like torture to us. But, there is no such thing in Kundli Chakra. Just install it, register, and use it for lifetime. No CD keys, no hardware lock, no such other special hardware key to install.

- Printing: Specially designed Colour or Black & White printouts facility, also you can print with shade or  without shades. Options to select colours of planet as per your requirements.






- Make your own page -Insert-Drag & drop any chart, at any position for your own  printing page style. You can define your own page, make any print style you want, select any charts you want on the page to print. Total control for printpage is yours. to watch video how this special feature works see:



So why you depend on softwares for printing? We have made special program according to you and for you..Just make your own page, with your own printing style in Kundli chakra professional. Make your own model and print.


- Export - Save and export Pages / Charts and reports to PDF, JPEG or BMP formats. Then further you can email them to your clients/customers or relatives.

Calculations- Planet position, Nirayana Bhava Chalit , Detailed Birthdetails, Moon & Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart,- Sudarshan chakra, Shodash Varga charts,  Aspects of planets,Tara Chakra, Ashtak Varga, Shadbala, Bhavabala, Jaimini Charts, Argala Vichar,  - Manglik Dosha, Yantra - Mantra - Ratna(Lucky stones) suggestions, Sade Sati periods, Sade Sati explained, Kaalsarpa Yoga,  Vimshottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Char Dasha, Aaditya Dasha, Lagnam Dasha, Numerology, Basic(Tatwa based) Characteristics, General Characteristics(Nature, Financial, Health..etc), Janma Nakshatra Phal, Graha Phal/Bhavfal, Dasha Predictions(pratyantar),

Special Transit Chakra reports:


- VARSHPHAL (Annual Chart) for 120 years and Predictions, Tripatki, Dashas, Varshphal reports.

Utilities -Transit Study, Sunrise/ Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, Rahukaal, Panchang, Hora, Rahukaal, chaughadiya, yumghantak, ephemeries ...etc

+ with...

Match Making (Kundli Milaan)

- Male / Femaile Planet Position, Dasha, Birthdetails, Guna Dosha Milaan, Manglik Dosha,

- Group Matching facility

- Ashtkoot Vichar - Detailed study of astkoot for both natives with predictions

- Advance Matching tools and reports.

Also Available our NEW release of 2012:
- Kundli Chakra 2012 Standard
- Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional 

For a Complete professional Astrology software with Horoscope, Match making, Horary Charts, Muhurta, lal Kitab, KP, SPS, Jaimini, SarvatoBhadra Chakra, Transit Wheel, Numerology, Varshphal, Worksheets, Utilities, Tools etc
Buy the latest release: Kundli Chakra 2012 
Best for Beginners, Astrologers and Researchers. 
Available in Standard & Professional versions.

Click for more details...



Overview Details System Requirements Demo How to Buy ?
Product Reviews

Overall Rating:
Written by: Kartik Sharma

Great software, transit charts is good feature i liked among other softwares I have used.

Overall Rating:
Written by: Aditi

Used both home and Professional. But this version is simply great.

Most liked feature is the facility to make own page that i always wanted and tools is also one more great option to see charts. Worksheet is easy to use.

Overall Rating:
Written by: Narayana Rengan

using software acha software haye. printing reports design good. colr printout is also good. waiting for tamil update. overall A+ Good

Overall Rating:
Written by: chandrashekhar

Overall Rating:
Written by: Tushar R Pandya

This is a best software in India ...............

Overall Rating:
Written by: Gian Chand Dhiman

Overall Rating:
Written by: kamlesh dhaker

Overall Rating:

i like this softwaRE, nd search last more years, but "bin hari kripa milhi nahi santa", mujhe mila hi nahi,  how i brought it, i hav not any credit card ,

Overall Rating:
Written by: deepak.soni

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