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Horizon aarc, a team of Experts and Research, developing Softwares since 2002. Worked on various Astronomical and Astrology calculations, have developed Softwares on various aspects of Astrology. Providing tools to the world, for exploring future. Some of the best products include Kundli Chakra, Vivaha Sutram, Samay Sutram, Lal kitab, Prashna Kundli, etc..


            Research & Development 

After a long research, Acharyasree Pawan Chandra developed a revolutionary formulae for calculating probable DATE OF MARRIAGE of any individual from his Birth Details. Also his research on Birth Time Rectification, can rectify Time of birth to fractions of second. Vivaha Sutram & Samay Sutram, are based on this research..

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For Indian Buyers: Debit Cards, Online Banking, Cheque, Demand Draft  and Cash Deposits.
For International Buyers: Pay easily with Debit Card / Credit Card using PayPal or AlertPay.



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Kundli 7 - Professional
Old Price: Rs 3500
Discounted Price: Rs 2625
(US$ 49)
Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional
Old Price: Rs 9999
Discounted Price: Rs 9000
(US$ 169)
Kundli Chakra 2017 Professional
Old Price: Rs 15999
Discounted Price: Rs 15200
(US$ 286)
Samay Sutram 2.0
Old Price: Rs 1200
Discounted Price: Rs 1080
(US$ 20)
Tonay Totke
Old Price: Rs 999
Discounted Price: Rs 900
(US$ 16)
Vivaha Sutram 2.0
Old Price: Rs 1599
Discounted Price: Rs 1360
(US$ 25)
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